When Vaughn Live launched in 2011, we did not allow gaming content. As a result we created iNSTAGIB to give those that wanted to do a gaming stream an alternative to the existing platforms. There have been some big streams, many small streams, and everything in between. Unfortunately iNSTAGIB never got the attention it needed from us. Vaughn Live, being our flagship streaming platform, dominated our time (and still does.) We let iNSTAGIB run for many years for those that still wanted to use it, but have made the tough decision to focus on Vaughn Live.

The stream keys for iNSTAGIB now point to Vaughn Live, if you have a stream on iNSTAGIB it has automatically been migrated to Vaughn Live's new Gaming category. The iNSTAGIB stream keys will continue to work until March 1, 2021. At that point you will need to use your Vaughn Live stream key to continue streaming.
2011 - 2021